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Paranormal Romance, Romance Under Wraps, on sale for 99¢
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Time Travel Anthology, Quantum Wanderlust, free
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Horror/Suspense Anthology, Macabre Sanctuary, free
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Book Release: Quantum Wanderlust

I’m happy to announce the release of Quantum Wanderlust: A Time Travel Short Story Anthology. My story, “The Fabric of Time”, is one of thirteen included in this anthology by AIW Press.

Travel through time in this free anthology to see where  these talented authors journeyed in time.

Did they go forward? Did they go back?


What if you had all the time in the world?

Thirteen authors answer that question with short stories about time travel. Go back in time to right a wrong, forward to see the future. No jump is too large, no method unfeasible, no lesson beyond learning.

  • Visit the past to learn a family secret.
  • See the formation of a future dictatorship.
  • Assume responsibility for weaving the fabric of time.
  • Travel back in time to WWII.
  • Use a family heirloom to solve problems.
  • Wear an inheritance to visit ancestors.
  • Leave a dystopian future for the hope of something better.
  • Make history come true in an unexpected way.
  • Fight evil fairies to protect a chosen angel.
  • Live with the childhood memory of visitors until the day they arrive.
  • Seek medical help for a memory issue and get way more than bargained for.
  • Discover that with great power comes great responsibility.
  • Uncover the secrets of a pharaoh’s tomb and curse.

Do the characters observe or interact? Is the outcome better or worse than the original timeline? Read these stories to learn how far they go, how they get there, and what happens when they return.

The scope is virtually limitless, definitely timeless.

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Guest Interview on Don Massenzio’s Blog

Follow me to Don Massenzio’s blog and learn about my novel and the anthologies I’m involved with.

Romance Under Wraps Final 4.14.16

Today I’m being interviewed on Don Massenzio’s author’s blog. My interview shares a little bit about me, and what inspired me to write and features my stand alone novel, Romance Under Wraps.

Don Massenzio, an independent author of several books and the The Frank Rozzani Detective Series.

Don loves writing and helping other authors with their writing and promoting.


Don, thanks for hosting me today. Friends, I hope you’ll join me.

You can get my newest short story release, “The Fabric of Time,” in newest free anthology released by AIW Press, Quantum Wanderlust.


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AIW Press Author Wendy Taylor on Fox and Friends

Wendy Taylor, author of the memoir Undefeated: A War Widow’s Story of Faith and Survival, had the opportunity to discuss her new book on Fox and Friends on Monday, August 14, 2017.

Wendy’s  interview and a purchase link can be found on the Fox and Friends website.

To read the Fox and Friends write-up, click here. To view the interview, click the “Watch Video” link on the Fox and Friends page.


Revisions and Elevator Pitches

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Revisions and Elevator Pitches

You’ve finished your book–or so you think. What’s your next step. Staci Troilo from AIW Press has you covered. From revisions to the elevator pitch, Staci give provides guidance and tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Remember, just because your book is finished doesn’t mean it’s ready to submit. In fact, you’re nowhere close to ready to submit. You’ve got a lot of revising to do.

Once you’ve finished those revisions, then what. Time for the elevator pitch. Relax, Staci provides excellent advice on crafting your pitch. Don’t forget, your pitch is to be written in third person, present tense.

To get all of Staci’s Revision and Elevator Pitch tips visit AIW Press.
If you have anything you’d like to share, please leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

Proofreading Your Manuscript

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Proofreading Your Manuscript

This week Joan Hall talks about the importance of proofreading your manuscript.

Even with proofreading there are times when things slip through. Remember, even the big name publishing companies have typos occasionally. Proofreading can help you eliminate many of these errors.

How about you? What are your proofreading methods. Please share with us in the comments.

Happy proofreading. Don’t worry, you will be great.

Ten Tips To A Better Manuscript – Part Two

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Ten Tips to a Better Manuscript – Part 2

Last week, KE Lane talked about ways to get a first draft into manuscript shape. This week, she is going to cover the last five tips about turning that manuscript into something worth submitting.

It’s these final five steps that give the manuscript its extra edge, and it’s those little steps that really round out the editing process leading up to submission.

KE Lane from AIW Press give the final five tips to get your manuscript ready for publication.
This is the is continued from part one, and you can get part two here.

Happy editing. Don’t worry, you will be great.

Ten Tips to a Better Manuscript – Part 1

Originally posted by AIW Press
Ten Tips to a Better Manuscript – Part 1






You’ve done it. Your book is finished. You’re ready to submit  your manuscript to a publishing company. But are you really ready?

KE Lane from AIW Press details how to get your manuscript ready for publication.
She is detailing this in two parts, and you can get part one here.


Can You Judge a Book by Its Cover?

Originally Published by AIW Press
Can You Judge a Book by Its Cover


You all know the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover, bit in all honesty, do you take that to heart?

You’re in your favorite book store and you are looking at the table of bargain books. There are several to choose from. How do you make that choice? For me, I choose based on the cover. If it looks inviting, I pick up the book and flip it over to read the back.

If the cover is unappealing I keep looking until I find something that catches my eye.

Joan Hall at AIW Press discusses why the  cover is so important.
You can read all about it,  just click here.

Four Steps to Writing a Substantive Book Review

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Four Steps to Writing a Substantive Book Review

You’ve read a great book. Now you want to share your thoughts about that book with potential readers. But how do you write a review that will be helpful to others.

Staci Troilo at AIW Press has the answer.
Check out her tips to writing a book review at AIW Press.