Ten Tips to a Better Manuscript – Part 1

Originally posted by AIW Press Ten Tips to a Better Manuscript – Part 1           You’ve done it. Your book is finished. You’re ready to submit  your manuscript to a publishing company. But are you really ready? KE Lane from AIW Press details how to get your manuscript ready for publication. She is

Can You Judge a Book by Its Cover?

Originally Published by AIW Press Can You Judge a Book by Its Cover   You all know the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover, bit in all honesty, do you take that to heart? You’re in your favorite book store and you are looking at the table of bargain books. There are several

Four Steps to Writing a Substantive Book Review

Originally published by AIW Press Four Steps to Writing a Substantive Book Review You’ve read a great book. Now you want to share your thoughts about that book with potential readers. But how do you write a review that will be helpful to others. Staci Troilo at AIW Press has the answer. Check out her

First Draft or Stream of Consciousness?

Originally posted on AIW Press First Draft or Stream of Consciousness Whether you’re tackling a writing project for the first time or the thousandth time, you’re not alone.  At some point we all produce “stream of consciousness” writing. We sit down and start writing whatever comes to our minds first.  When is what we write considered

Top Ten Critique Tips

Originally posted on AIW Press Top Ten Critique Tips Is your novel ready for publication? You’ve written you story. You’ve read it, and reread it. You’ve edited it and re-edited it. Before you submit it, you need a good critique partner. AIW Press shares the top ten tips for a good critique. Click here to


Do you like Halloween themed fiction? Here are a bunch of scary stories marked down for the holiday, including my paranormal romance, Romance Under Wraps   WELCOME TO THE HALLOWEEN SALE BLAST! Now through November 6! Click on any of the book covers below to be taken to the page that has more information on

Macabre Sanctuary―Thrills, Chills, and Spine Tingling Tales

Ancient Egypt has its secrets―and Zet holds the key to one of them. As pharaoh, the whole kingdom would be his—the money, the power. The women. Do you want to know how Zet became pharaoh? Download Macabre Sanctuary to find out. “Ascent” will give you all the evil details. Macabre Sanctuary – by Joan Hall,

On Tour for Paranormal Attractions with Stacy Eaton

On June 20, Paranormal Attractions, including Romance Under Wraps will be released. Today, Stacy Eaton will feature an excerpt from my book on her blog. Are you a fan of the paranormal? Mummies, gargoyles, spirits, ghosts, and vampires are featured in this boxed set. Things that go bump in the night, have you looking over

I’m Visiting Mae Claire Today

This month my first standalone novel, Romance Under Wraps, was released. Today, another first―A guest post on a fellow author’s blog. My guest post shares a little bit about me, and what inspired me to write Romance Under Wraps. I’m visiting Mae Clair, an author who delves in the supernatural. And if you like things

New Release―Unshod

A few months ago, the idea to produce a western anthology sprouted. Several talented authors had been asked to participate and the result―amazing. Unshod―An anthology of traditional and contemporary western short stories where raw emotions and heartbreaking experiences became a reality. These aren’t your granddaddy’s westerns. They’re the next generation’s, and they’re darn good.