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Corey felt it. He had hoped this day would never arrive—he dreaded it. He cursed, grabbed his bag and headed to Cahercasey. The door was ajar when he arrived. He feared entering. The place had been the site of many battles, but stood proud, a pillar against the evil within. Corey hesitated before going inside.


He stood there for aeons. Guardian of the lost. Many came to him, praying for their loved ones, but he stood there, in silence. Men, women, and children cried, laying their hands on him, praying for their missing, afterword placing crosses for their departed. Still he stood. Silent. Time passed and fewer visitors came, until

The Mountain

Mia watched another couple climb the mountain and join hands. Once joined, the sunset broke over the mountain and the sky turned a beautiful color. Their union was blessed, and they would live a long, happy, prosperous life. She longed for the day that she and Tom would be able to do the same. Day

The Chosen One

Audrick held up his sword and chanted aloud, “Qui Habitat in adiutorio altissimi, in protection Dei Caeli commorabitur. (Whoever dwells with the assistance of the Most High will abide in the protection of the God of heaven).” A tithe to the God he had worshiped since birth. He chanted for hours until the blade glowed

Mother’s Garden

Carly loved walking though her mother’s garden. Especially the path that led to the tree in the middle. Once there, she sat and enjoyed the sights, sounds, smells, and peace the garden provided. As she grew and had a family of her own, her trips to her mother’s garden grew less frequent, until finally they