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Emme stared at the three figures on the plain as Jadis stood beside her, chanting. Somehow, she knew she had to be here. But she had so many questions. Foremost, was she truly a witch. What made her the chosen one? Why did she need protecting? And would she survive this ordeal?

Jadis turned to Esmeralda. “Do not be afraid, child. These women are here to protect us and guide us.”

Three intertwined twig and grass statues? How could they possibly protect or guide? They weren’t living. They couldn’t speak. They had no weapons. How could she have made such a huge mistake?

Before Emme could say anything, the back figure broke the circle and stood tall.

“Welcome, Esmeralda Gossling. Please, join us.”

Emme couldn’t fathom what she had just seen and heard. Jadis dropped to one knee and started chanting, again. The language was unfamiliar, but it looked as if she were paying homage to the three. After a few moments, she stood and grasped Emme’s hand.

“Esmeralda, you have been bestowed a great gift. The Three have agreed to protect and guide you. Step inside the circle.”

Emme couldn’t move. The statues came to life. They wanted her. To join them. If she did, nothing would be the same. If she didn’t? What would happen to her? She swallowed hard and breathed faster.

“Jadis? What’s happening? Who are these women? How are these, these, twigs going to help us?”

“These women are The Three. They represent Good, Peace, and Light and have great power. We must do as they say. Let’s enter their circle.”

Emme nodded and entered the circle. She had to know. After she and Jadis stepped inside the circle, The Three joined hands again.

Emme couldn’t breathe. What had she agreed to? The ground shook. Please don’t let this be a mistake. The world around her spun. Oh, God, please don’t let me die. She lost her balance and fell hitting her head. That was the last thing she remembered before passing out.

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